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Class CC Fuse Holder Rated For 200-kA Short-Circuit Current

Meeting the National Electrical Code and also UL-listed for branch circuit applications, the UK 10.3-CC HESI Class CC fuse holder from Phoenix Contact Inc. is marked "Class CC Only" and will reject 10.3- by 38-mm fuses, commonly called Midget fuses. The holder is available with a short-circuit current rating (SCCR) of 200 kA. The original UK 10.3 HESI N has an increased SSCR rating of 100 kA and accepts both Class CC and Midget fuses. The UL-listed Class J versions, the UK 20.6-J HESI and UK 27-J HESI, accept Class J fuses up to 30 A and 60 A, respectively, and also have an SCCR of 200 kA.

Phoenix Contact Inc.


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