Electronic Design

Cleaning Kit Keeps Components Clear And Germ Free

The Smudge-Free Dry-Foam Cleaning Kit is reportedly a completely safe and eco-friendly way to clean any personal electronic device or accessory. It includes DuraBan-treated micro-fiber cloths that are anti-microbial, meaning they will continue to kill more than 99% of germs and bacteria after use. They can even be washed up to 50 times without losing their anti-microbial properties. Features include no residue or streaks left behind, anti-static and dust resistant, an eco-friendly formula that contains no CFCs, and a fresh clean scent. Price for the Qmadix Smudge-Free Dry-Foam Cleaning Kit is $19.99 and the Smudge-Free Dry-Foam Cleaner can be purchased separately for $9.99. Qmadix, Panorama City, CA. (866) 449-7979.

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