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Climate Control System Transfers Heat From Air To Air

As with any enclosure housing sensitive electronic components in an unstable environment, climate control is a critical factor when designing the enclosure. For this purpose, the company has developed air-to-air heat exchangers that can be mounted on any of its enclosures in either an external or recessed configuration. The units use ambient air to reduce the temperature inside enclosures, with separate external and internal air circuits used to prevent dust and humidity from entering the enclosed space. The sturdy, NEMA 4-type heat exchangers are coated with a durable epoxy powder paint, are equipped with weathered-hardened fans, and have a heavy gauge housing. The aluminum core is said to be corrosion resistant and lightweight. And a neoprene gasket between the heat exchanger housing and the enclosure wall provides additional environmental protection. Standard models operate from 115V, with 230V and 48V versions also available.

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