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Clip-On EMI Shielding Replaces Tape-Attachment Gaskets

Offered as replacements for EMI shielding gaskets that attach via tape, Clip-Shield clip-on shielding gaskets are said to provide a secure mechanical attachment of conductive elastomer gaskets on electronic enclosures. The gaskets are designed for enclosure applications that require both high levels of EMI shielding and protection from outdoor or harsh environments.Standard gaskets in the line incorporate the company's CHO-SEAL conductive elastomer bonded to a flexible PVC/TPE-coated aluminum clip that replaces pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes as a gasket attachment method. Available elastomers include S6305 for shielding and environmental resistance and 6370 rated for UL 94V-0. Both of these materials can be co-extruded with a non-conductive silicone for further protection.Shielding effectiveness ranges from 55 dB to 120 dB from 200 MHz to 10 GHz, depending upon the material selected. The gaskets are available for panel thicknesses from 1.52 mm to 12.7 mm and as four-corner gaskets with 90รป spliced corners. Custom gaskets can also be provided. Prices for standard gaskets start at $4 per foot.


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