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Clock Oscillator Beats Temperature Extremes

With a guarantee of ±250-ppm frequency accuracy from -55°C to 200°C, the Series T4001 crystal clock oscillators endure environmental extremes from the cold of high-altitude rocketry to the heat of deep-well oil exploration.

The wide temperature range makes the surface-mount T4001 unique among standard products. The most comparable units, military-grade oscillators, are through-hole components. They also cover only -75°C to 125°C and cost more because of their extensive testing and documentation requirements.

Packaged on a gold-ceramic leadless chip carrier, the T4001 oscillators are constructed with multilayer gold traces for component interconnection. All components are precious-metal bonded at high temperature to the carrier's internal gold traces. Prior to hermetic sealing, the oscillators undergo 16 hours of burn-in at 175°C. After frequency trimming, their ceramic cover is glass-sealed to the carrier's base at 350°C.

Available for frequencies from 20 kHz to 100 MHz, the T4001 oscillators are offered in two families: the T4001-T4009 and the T4301-4309. The latter group provides tristate operation. Other features include CMOS or TTL compatibility, 5-V operation, and a current draw of less than 40 mA. Pricing is less than $100 in OEM quantities, with delivery from stock to six weeks.

MF Electronics,; (800) 331-1236.

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