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Clock Provides Timing For Intel Chipset

Designed for use in next-generation mainstream PCs, the PI6C115-02 is the newest member of the company's SiliconClock family that provides complete system timing for Intel's 815 chipset. The device is optimized to support the latest processors including Coppermine, Celeron and Pentium II/III. The timing device supports processor busses, from 66-MHz Celeron for value PC systems, 100-MHz mainstream PC, to 133-MHz Pentium II. It meets all of Intel's latest system timing requirements as well as skew and jitter requirements of PCs with 133-MHz bus speeds. Output-to-output and group-to-group skews are tuned to meet the timings required for the 133-MHz processor bus as well as memory busses up to 133 MHz. The clock has two PLLs that generate various outputs with frequency options. To support up to 512 MB of memory in a 2 DIMM configuration, there are nine copies of SDRAM clocks. Available in 56-pin SSOPs and TSSOPs, the device costs $5.65 each/1,000.


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