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Clock Synthesizer Drives Intel Almador Chipset And Pentium IIIs

Claimed as the industry's first clock synthesizer for Intel's Almador chipset and Pentium III processor, the C9827 finds application in the design of servers, high-end and mainstream PCs and notebook PCs. The device meets the Almador chipset requirements and exceeds specifications by offering eight programmable spread-spectrum modes and the unique features of Dial-a-Frequency and Dial-a-dB. The chip exceeds the performance requirements for jitter and skew, allowing an additional 50 ps of system timing margin.
The eight spread-spectrum modes are selected via an I2C interface and allow an engineer to pick the mode that gives their system the lowest possible EMI. Dial-a-Frequency is also programmed via I2C and allows for the selection of clock speeds above standard levels. The Dial-a-dB feature lets designers use the I2C interface to program the rate at which the spread-spectrum control sweeps its clock frequency back and forth. Pricing starts at $3.85 each/1,000 for the desktop version.


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