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CMOS Image Sensor Exhibits High Sensitivity

The S9226 CMOS linear image sensor covers a spectral response range of 400 nm to 1,000 nm with a peak relative sensitivity of 100% at 700 nm. The sensor exhibits a typical dark current of 3 fA with a typical readout noise of 0.3 mV at low gain and 0.6 mV at high gain. Maximum video data rate is 200 kHz. Said to be unique features, the device integrates a special timing generator that allows operation with only start- and clock-pulse inputs and it can be operated from a single 3.3V power supply. Other features include a resolution of 1,024 pixels measuring 125 µm in height with a 7.8 µm pitch, which results in an active area length of 7.9872 mm. Available in an 8-pin DIP measuring 12 mm x 7.87 mm x 1.5 mm, price is $78 each in small quantities. A 16-pin surface-mount version is also available. HAMAMATSU CORP., Bridgewater, NJ. (800) 524-0504.


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