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CMOS Imager Facilitates Digital Radiography

Said to be a cost-effective replacement for filmless capture of x-ray images, the new RadEye 2 is an x-ray specific CMOS digital imager. Developed specifically for digital radiography, the RadEye2 contains over one-million pixels in a 49.2 mm x 49.2 mm active imaging area. Configured from two "buttable" RadEye1 photodiode arrays, the RadEye2 utilizes a rare earth scintillator in direct contact with a CMOS imager to detect x-ray and other energetic radiation ranging from 10 to 160 KeV.
The imager runs off a single 5V power supply and requires an external master clock. An optional frame start input can be used to control the frame rate between 0.01 to 4.5 frames/s. Analog video is outputted sequentially through high-speed differential output ports at data rates up to 2.5 MHz. Other features that add to the flexibility of the device include asynchronous array reset, high-speed binning mode, and non-destructive readout.


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