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Coax Cables Seek Wireless Uses

This RG-compatible series of RF coaxial cables is for wireless communications applications, such as antenna feeders and jumper cables. RGX Series cables are physically and electrically compatible with 50 ohm types, such as RG 142, 316 and 400, but offers a less expensive modified polyolefin dielectric instead of Teflon to withstand soldering and temperatures up to 260°C, along with various tin- or silver-plated copper shield constructions. Well-suited as replacements for RG 58 or RG 142 used in short antenna feeder runs, WCX Series coaxial cable includes WCX 195, which exhibits less than 11.3 dB attenuation at 1 GHz. Other cables in the series include WCX 100 to replace RG 174 and RG 316, WCX 200 to replace RG 58, WCX 240 that provides lower loss than 8X cables, and WCX 400 that is a low-loss replacement for RG 8/RG 213 types.


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