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Color Sensor Detects Multiple Colors On Uneven Surfaces

Color Sensor Detects Multiple Colors On Uneven Surfaces

Balluff_1010-ADetection of objects with a varying color pattern, an uneven surface, and in tight spaces is the bailiwick of Balluff’s BFS 33M true color sensor. It can detect the slightest shades, smallest grey-level differences, or minimal changes to surface properties. The sensor employs optics based on fiber-optic cable, enabling detection optics to be placed in very tight areas. Set-point detection takes advantage of seven channels and three digital outputs. A serial interface configures the unit, and outputs color data to perform color evaluations. Lab color space values can be transmitted directly via this interface. The BFS 33M’s 1.5-kHz switching frequency allows for monitoring of fast processes such as those in the printing industry. Coupled with an optional lens available from the company, ranges of up to 400 mm are easily reachable. Applications range from robotics and automated assembly to packaging and even wood processing.


TAGS: Robotics
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