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Compact Cable Assemblies Minimize Cross Talk

Gore Eye-Opener DensiShield Cable Assemblies are designed to transmit high-speed differential signals while reducing size and weight by 40% over other high speed cabling products currently on the market.

The cable assemblies are built with FCI DensiShield connectors, utilizing a wafer structure where each pair is shielded to lower cross-talk within the connector. Paired with Gore lightweight cabling options, the cable is a smaller, more compact option to InfiniBand, CX4, and other high speed cabling products. The short cable exit and Gore lightweight cable also allow for tighter space between chassis panel and door.

GORE High Speed Cable incorporates ultra low dielectric materials, and the GORE EYE-OPENER+ Conductor Technology combines these materials to offer a more compact and efficient transmission assembly over competing cable options with similar electrical performance.

The addition of the DensiShield cable assembly to the Gore High Speed Cable portfolio enables Gore to better help customers solve their cabling needs.

Currently Gore offers a multitude of cabling options from standard InfiniBand and 10Gbit Ethernet to some non-standard interconnects using similar interfaces but adding the ability for positive retention or custom pin-outs.

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