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Compact Color Sensor Recognizes True Three-Channel Color

An optoelectronic sensor, the BFS-26K, contains a unique receiver that measures the red/green/blue components of reflected light in a single processing step. In addition, an integrated pulsed white light source eliminates the need for external illumination and makes the sensor insensitive to ambient light. Furthermore, the sensor can even distinguish shades of gray. Applications for the sensor include selecting assembly parts or package contents, positioning objects based on color markings, and identifying products based on color. The self-contained BFS-26K can be programmed either through the control line or by using two teach-in buttons. Each of its three digital outputs can be calibrated using five color resolution tolerance levels. The unit measures just 50 mm x 50 mm x 17 mm and has a 270¡ rotatable connector. Working distance is 12 to 32 mm for diffused light and 50 to 200 mm with a reflector. Numerous special functions, such as color scanning, pulse expansion and blanking input, provide additional application flexibility. For more information, contact Thurston Horton, BALLUFF INC., Florence, KY. (800) 543-8390.


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