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CompactPCI Chassis Uses Movable Fans To Keep Cool

Highly effective cooling is said to be achieved in the Type 15C CompactPCI chassis through use of a cooling system comprised of five fans: three individually movable plug-in fans located below the chassis's cards to provide 300 cfm of forced air cooling and two radial blowers mounted in plug-removable trays to provide redundant cooling. By incorporating radial blowers into its redundant cooling system, the 19" rack-mountable unit is said to be capable of delivering three times the cooling performance in high static pressure environments than traditional muffin fans. Designed to overcome traditional over-temperature problems associated with cards that inhibit cooling airflow, the chassis measures 9U high, 84 HP and 290 mm deep, with the unit's spacious interior enabling designers to select cPCI 6U rev. 3.0 and H.110 telephony backplanes having from 4 to 21 slots. Other options include power supplies with various inputs (i.e., 90-264 Vac and 48 Vdc), a choice of card-cages, and shielding. Prices start at under $2000.


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