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Components: 44-Pin Test Plug Can Be Used With Plastic-Leaded-Chip-Carrier Sockets

By enabling a cable to be soldered directly, or a socket or header on the topside, a novel plug offers customers three choices of connection. The 44-301695-XX 44-pin test plug is constructed of a 0.62-in. thick glass-filled FR-4 material with 1 oz of copper traces. It meets UL94V-0 specifications. Male pins are brass alloy 360 with 200-µP>in. of tin over 100 µin. of nickel per QQ-N-20 specifications. The socket version pins are made of a phosphor bronze alloy per QQ-B-750 specifications. The plug is available in custom materials, platings, sizes, and configurations. It costs $45 each, with delivery in three weeks.

Aries Electronics Inc.
(908) 996-6841

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