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Components: 56-Channel Module Links Up To 896 Thermocouples To Mainframe

By using the DBK90 series of high-density thermocouple (TC) input modules for the DaqBook/2000 and WaveBook/516E Ethernet-based data-acquisition systems, up to 896 TCs can be attached to one analog-digital mainframe. Multiple mainframes may be combined for a maximum of 3584 TCs. Any combination of TC types can be attached to any channel via mini-TC input connectors. Each bank of 14 TC inputs has a separate cold-junction sensor to ensure accurate readings. It takes 1 ms/channel to make a TC measurement. All DBK90s come in an all-metal package that can be mounted on the mainframe or rack-mounted using an optional kit. Pricing is $1495 for 56 channels, and delivery is within four weeks.

IOtech Inc.
www.iotech.com; (440) 439-4091

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