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Components: Colorful Circuit Breakers Diminish Vehicular Downtimes

Designed for 12- and 24-V automotive applications, the 1610 series thermal circuit breakers feature color-coded housings that reduce downtimes caused by blown fuses in cars, trucks, and boats. The color coding complies with DIN 72581 and SAE J1284 standards. The circuit breakers also meet SAE standard J553 Type III (manual reset) and Type I (automatic reset) and are available in current ratings from 6 to 30 A up to 32 V dc. Available colors include dark green (6 A), honey (8 A), red (10 A), blue (15 A), yellow (20 A), pearl (25 A), and light green (30 A). The 1610 series is designed as a resettable alternative to standard plug-in blade fuses in fuse blocks.

E-T-A Circuit Breakers
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