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Components: Compact UV Spot-Light Sources Beam With Performance

High output power drives the LC3/LC4 LightningCure compact UV spot-light sources. The LC3 features 500 mW/cm2 at 365 nm and 570 mW/cm2 at 436 nm, while the LC4 offers 3500 mW/cm2 at 365 nm. Typical power consumption is 50 VA and 280 VA, respectively, and they measure 120 by 120 by 200 mm and 311 by 13.7 by 226 mm, respectively. The LC4 has a lifetime of 3000 hours. A timer can set output light from 2 to 60 seconds. Output intensity runs from 0% to 100%. A high-durability shutter with a "silent" mechanism delivers five times the service life of conventional shutters. Prices for the LC3 and LC4 are $2169 and $3037 each, respectively. Lead time is four to six weeks.

Hamamatsu Corp.
(800) 524-0504

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