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Components: Harsh Environments Not A Problem With These Absolute Encoders

The DSM936 absolute encoders can handle a variety of severe electrical and physical environments. They convert any shaft input to binary coded decimal (BCD) or binary information corresponding directly to the shaft angle with an accuracy of ±1 point in 1000. Also, they consist of a 1.1-in. diameter transducer and pc-mounting module measuring 2.6 by 3.1 by 6 in. The zero point can be reset to any value via an available offset adjustment. Outputs are 360°, 0 to 999 BCD, or 10 bits binary. Basic update rate is 2.5 ms. Power is ±15 V dc at 25 mA and 5 V at 300 mA. Operating temperature ranges from −55°C to 125°C. Priced at $395 each, delivery is within four weeks.

Computer Conversions Corp.
(631) 261-3300

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