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Components: Lightweight Circuit Breaker Handles 1 To 50 A In A Small Package

Don't let the light 60-g weight of the 4140 aerospace circuit breaker, which includes optional auxiliary contacts, fool you. It can handle 1 to 50 A in a package that's smaller than Mil-Spec MS 24571 and 10% lighter than competitive devices. This single-pole model was designed for 115 V (400 Hz) or 28 V dc. It meets Mil-Std 202, method 101, Test Condition B ratings for salt-spray tests, suiting it for marine applications. It's temperature compensated, providing a consistent trip curve from ­55°C to 90°C. Typical life is 5000 mechanical cycles and 2500 inductive cycles. It costs $130 each in lots of 100 to 500 units.

E-T-A Circuit Breakers
(847) 827-2700

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