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Components: Plastic Caps Push Performance Of Optical Emitters/Photodiodes

Self-aligning plastic lens caps boost the performance of the CFE370, CFD470, and CFR520/530 fiber-optic products. The CFE370 is an 850-nm aluminum-gallium-arsenide high-speed emitter with forward current of 100 mA, output power of 30 mW, rise and fall time of 6 ns, and forward voltage of 2.0 V. The CFD470 is an 850-nm p-i-n photodiode with responsivity at 5 V of 0.55 A/W, total capacitance at 20 V of 3 pF, rise time at 15 V of 6 ns, and an 808 field of view. The CFR520/530 are open-collector Schottky-output 5-Mbit receivers with low pulse-width distortion. In 1000-unit lots, the four products cost $4.61, $3.59, $4.24, and $6.30 each, respectively. Lead time is four to six weeks.

Clairex Technologies Inc.
(972) 422-4676

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