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Components: Power-Supply Decoupling Capacitor Takes Performance Up A Notch

The 100% encapsulated SE4 metallized surface-mount power-supply decoupling capacitor series offers superior performance to unencapsulated polyphenylene-sulphide (PPS), polyester, and ceramic capacitors. It meets MIL-PFR-55514 reliability standards and can withstand reflow solder temperatures up to 260°C. Capacitors operate up to 125°C without degradation due to the soldering process. Performance includes a 200-V dc working voltage, a 217-V/µs DV/DT, 1736-A peak current, and capacitance values up to 40 µF. Gull-wing and J-style configurations are available. Price ranges from $2.75 to $8.50 each, depending on quantity. Delivery is four to eight weeks.

Electronic Concepts Inc.
(732) 542-7880

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