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Components: Radial-Lead Capacitors Withstand Up To 60 kV

Ranging in values reaching 500 pF, the CH series radial-lead capacitors can withstand up to 60 kV (90 kV test). They're available in temperature-code characteristics of Z5P, X5P, X5R, and X7R. The capacitors' ferrorelectric materials are based on barium and strontium titanate with a dielectric constant of more than 4000. Their coating is a flame-retardant dry fluid-bed epoxy for high reliability, and their temperature ratings are consistent with the EIA RS-198-C specification. Standard leads are #22 AWG. Low-inductance strap leads and axial egress wire leads are also available. Price is as low as $8 each in 5000-unit quantities. Lead time is six to eight weeks.

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