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Components: Thermal-Tracking Resistors Act As Compensators/Sensors

Surface-mount linear temperature-compensating resistors (TCRs) in the PTS series are thermal-tracking parts that function as compensators/sensors. They can be used as positive TCR resistors and as compensators to offset negative drift. The series consists of the PTS1 (0.05 W), the PTS-2 (0.1 W), and the PTS-3 (0.25 W). All are available in values of 1 V through 50 kV (±1%). Special values from 0.1 V through 300 kV (±0.1%) are also available, as are custom tolerances of ±0.5%, ±0.25%, and ±0.05%. Temperature ranges from ­65°C to 150°C. Depending on resistance, tolerance, and quantity, prices range from $1 to $7 each. Lead time is three to four weeks.

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