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Concealed Hinge Speeds Door Removal And Replacement

A new concealed hinge promises fast door removal and replacement and is vibration resistant. The hinge consists of two components, a door leaf that contains the hinge pin and a frame leaf that engages the pin. A return flange on the door hides the hinge and mounting hardware. To remove the door, users move the hinge-pin handle out of its engaged detent and retract the hinge pin from the frame leaf. Moving the hinge-pin handle to the disengaged detent keeps the pin retracted. Replacing the door involves positioning it on the frame, sliding the hinge pin into the frame leaf, and engaging the pin in the detent. Two frame-leaf styles are available to accommodate left- or right-hand doors. The hinge is made of stainless steel and is said to be suitable for use in heavy-load applications.


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