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Connector Employs Radsok Contact System

A new 2-pin connector has been designed with 1.5 mm socket contacts employing the exclusive Radsok contact system. The Tru-Lok connector consists of a molded thermoplastic main plug body and secondary latch, with Viton main seals and wire seals. Designed to perform in demanding environments, the connector is useful under valve covers on diesel engines and in various under-hood interconnect applications. The Radsok contact system’s cylinders contain elongated contactor strips connected in spaced, parallel relationships, twisted into a hyperbolic shape. As a male pin is inserted, the grid deflects, imparting high normal forces. The hyperbolic configuration ensures a large coaxial, face-to-face engagement area for a low milli-volt drop connection with low insertion force. The stamped grid and cylinder are rugged, allowing for a high quantity of insertion cycles and off axis insertions. Popular Radsok sizes are #12, #8, #4, #0, #2/0, #4/0 and 18 mm. Pricing starts at $3.15 each/500. AMPHENOL INDUSTRIAL, Sidney, NY. (607) 563-5011.


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