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Connectors Won’t Rub Your Fingers Raw

Connectors Won’t Rub Your Fingers Raw

MegaPhase's EZ-Mate connectors assist in making quick and reliable connections without finger wear. Engineering personnel who connect and disconnect cables tens and hundreds times a day can now easily connect using the MegaPhase EZ-Mate. To assure connectors can be easily and reliably mated, MegaPhase now offers EZ-Mate Type N, TNC and SMA connectors. Engineers can easily manipulate the half-knurled, half-hex-shaped stainless-steel connector. EZ-Mate's benefits are particularly critical when working in tight spaces. The design of the EZ-Mate connectors also allows test professionals the option to use a torque wrench in lieu of easy finger operation. EZ-Mate's stainless steel construction eliminates rust and plating. The connectors have applications in instrumentation, broadband networking, wireless communications, semiconductor, advanced microwave and optical electronic systems, space and defense. MEGAPHASE, Stroudsburg, PA. (570) 424-8400.

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