Electronic Design
Controller Enhances Large Touch Sensor Functionality

Controller Enhances Large Touch Sensor Functionality

Electronica 2010 – To enhance user experience in ultra large formats, the ZXY100/128 controller can support dual-touch functionality on touchscreens greater than 127 cm across. Tailored for Zytronic’s proprietary range of touch sensors, the ZXY100 touch controller is supported by the same WHQL certified driver as the smaller controllers in the range. Features include dual-touch output for linkage to multi-touch or gesture recognition software, Windows 7 plug and play, in-field firmware upgradeability, and reduced PCB footprint. The 128-channel ZXY100/128 is fully compatible with all PCT touch sensors including ZYPOS, ZYBRID, ZYTOUCH, and the flexible ZYFILM and ZYPROFILM. ZYTRONIC, Tyne & Wear, UK. +44 (0) 191 414 5511.

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