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Cooler Keeps Enclosures Clean, Protected

A new cooler has been developed to keep electrical cabinets and control panels cool, clean and protected. The Vortex cooler is lauded as an affordable, maintenance-free alternative to air conditioners. Easy to install, this cooler has no moving parts to wear out. Vortex coolers incorporate vortex tube technology that converts filtered compressed air into a low pressure, refrigerated air stream distributed throughout the enclosure. Unlike fans that pull in hot, dirty air, the enclosure cooler maintains a light positive pressure inside the cabinet to effectively seal out the surrounding contamination, heat and humidity that can wreak havoc on sensitive electronic controls. Refrigerated air produced by the vortex tube enters the cabinet while hot air is expelled through a relief valve. Models are designed to deliver up to 5,000 BTUH of refrigeration. The UL-listed enclosure cooler system is thermostatically controlled and comes in NEMA 12, 4 and 4X models. ITW VORTEC, Cincinnati, OH. (800) 441-7475.


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