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Cooling Systems Solve High Heat Problems

Touted as a revolutionary supplemental cooling system, the RackCooler mounts on most standard rack and server enclosures to give more than two tons of cooling capacity. The system claims to remove up to 8 kW of heat from each enclosure and requires between 33% to 66% less floor space than traditional cooling equipment, depending on heat-load densities. The RackCooler attaches to most standard server cabinets, depending on the facility requirements. It provides a solution to extreme heat conditions by cooling at the source of the heat. In a data center or communication facility with a load density of 400W per square-foot nearly 25 percent of the floor space is occupied by cooling equipment when cooled with standard precision air conditioning. When the RackCooler is used, only 12% of the floor space is occupied by cooling equipment. A cooling distribution unit (CDU) assures proper coolant flow and a fluid management system constantly monitors for any flow disturbance. LIEBERT CORP., Columbus, OH. (800) 877-9222.


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