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Copper Core Wire Handles More Current Than Solid Wire

The company's standard line of copper-core, glass-to-metal sealing wire for fabricating hermetic switching devices is reportedly capable of carrying up to six times more current than solid wire, depending upon the application. Employing a variety of standard alloy compositions in sizes from 0.5 mm to 10 mm in diameter, the wire allows for the design of smaller conductors than solid wire. Available with 2:1 and 3:1 ratios of the alloy to the copper core, standard products include FeNi (Alloy 52, Dilaton 51) Nickel-Iron, Kovar (Dilver) Nickel-Iron-Cobalt, Alloy 42-6 Nickel-Iron-Chrome, and Alloy 446SS Iron-Chromium. Each is hermetically bonded to a copper core with 100% IACS minimum conductivity. For more information, contact Robert F. Gallant at ANOMET PRODUCTS INC., Shrewsbury, MA. (508) 842-3069.


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