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Counter-Rotating Fan Whips Hurricane Of Airflow

Delivering what is reported as the highest airflow and static pressure capabilities in the industry, the San Ace 60CR counter-rotating fan employs two axially aligned fans rotating counter-clockwise to each other. The result is a maximum airflow of 2.26 m3/min. and a static pressure as high as 550 Pa. Power consumption is as low as 32.4W and minimum noise generation is 64 dB. Life expectancy is specified at 40,000 hours at 60ºC. The fan is RoHS compliant and available in 12V S-speed and H-speed models measuring 60-mm square by 76-mm thick. Optional features include tachometer and lock-rotor sensor outputs and PWM control. Price is $36 each in small quantities. SANYO DENKI AMERICA, Torrance, CA. (310) 783-5400.


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