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CR Type Cooling Fans Break Size Barrier

Launching as the industry’s first counter-rotating cooling fans that measure 80-mm square by 80-mm thick, the San Ace 80CR series dc cooling fans are available in 12V S-speed and H-speed models. The components also claim to deliver the highest airflow and static pressure capabilities available, made possible by two axially aligned fans rotating counter clockwise to each other. A unique frame and blades are also said to improve overall performance, resulting in a maximum airflow of 4.53 m3/min. and static pressure as high as 520 Pa. Depending on the model, power consumption is as low as 43.2W. Other features include a minimum noise generation of 68 dB, life expectancy of 40,000 hours at 60ºC, and RoHS compliance. Optional features include a tachometer sensor, lock rotor sensor outputs, and PWM control. Available now, price is $40 each in small quantities. SANYO DENKI AMERICA, Torrance, CA. (310) 783-5400.


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