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CR2032 Coin Cell Holder Knocks 3 mm Off Typical Height Spec

CR2032 Coin Cell Holder Knocks 3 mm Off Typical Height Spec

With an installed CR2032 battery, the low-profile LP2032SM-JJ-GTR rises less than 5 mm above a printed-circuit board (PCB), substantially lower than other holder solutions that often rise 8 to 10 mm. Gold-flashed, nickel-plated phosphor bronze contacts resist corrosion to improve reliability. The dual-pressure contacts offer low electrical resistance and resistance to intermittent connections, while the recurved positive contacts add pressure on the coin cell battery. Its lightweight liquid-crystal-polymer (LCP) base piece withstands up to 280°C for modern, lead-free reflow soldering. LCP replicates metal by offering a tensile strength and modulus close to aluminum. Chemical and humidity resistance can withstand repeated sterilizations by standard methods used in medical device assembly (e.g., autoclave, chemical, ethylene oxide or ETO, and radiation). It is shock- and vibration-resistant, and 1-meter drop certified. Dielectric strength equals 1100 V/mil. The holder is available on tape-and-reel packaging for automated systems.


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