Electronic Design

Current Transducers Enhance And Protect Solar Installations

The CTSR family of current transducers meet safety standards issued in respect of solar installations and inverters, i.e., VDE 0126-1-1, UL 1741, and IEC 60950-1.  The devices are PCB mountable, lightweight (28g) components, with a 20.1 mm diameter aperture that accommodates multiple conductors. The residual-current capability measures the sum of all of the instantaneous currents flowing through the aperture, in single- or three-phase configurations. Conductors may be carrying primary currents up to 30A/wire, AC or DC. The CTSR 0.3-P and CTSR 0.6-P safely measure nominal currents of 300 and 600 mA respectively, to a maximum accuracy of 1.9% and 1.5% respectively at +25°C ambient temperature, without offset. They both provide an overload capability up to 3,300A for a pulse duration of 100 µs with rise time of 500 A/µs. LEM USA INC., Milwaukee, WI. (800) 236-5366.

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