Current Transducers Rely On Closed-Loop Hall Effect

Current Transducers Rely On Closed-Loop Hall Effect

LEM has introduced the LA 130-150 series of current transducers for use in motor drives, inverters, power supplies, and general industrial applications. These PCB-mounted (printed-circuit board) devices share a common, compact case outline and are available to measure nominal full-scale currents of 130 and 150 ARMS. The transducers use LEM’s Closed-Loop Hall Effect transducer technology to offer extremely linear, high-accuracy measurements (linearity ±0.1% at nominal current, accuracy better than 0.5% at the primary nominal RMS current/ambient temperature). The Closed-Loop Hall Effect technology results in zero insertion losses and a fast response time of less than 500 ns. The series measures dc, ac, and pulsed currents, providing an output in the form of a current signal proportional to the measured (primary) current. Two conversion ranges—a factor of 1000 or 2000—are offered, with two mounting styles: the transducers can be supplied with an open aperture through which the current carrying the primary current is routed, or they can be supplied ready-fitted with a primary conductor that will connect direct to the host PCB. Within the 33.5- by 37- by 16-mm outline, the conductor aperture is a generous 13.5 by 10 mm.

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