Electronic Design

Custom Connectors Can Shorten Development Times

Design engineers in the aerospace, hydrospace, and special-project industries can now specify custom connectors and assemblies from ITT, Electronic Components. The company’s custom connector and special-project program can shorten development time for projects requiring custom components. The services include rapid prototyping in ITT’s comprehensive model shops and complete in-house testing from ITT’s fully approved product evaluation lab.

The company’s special-release connectors for aerospace applications feature umbilical and lanyard release functions that automatically disconnect at the time of system launch. These connectors can incorporate both pneumatic and electrical lines in the same assembly and are well-suited for inter-stage separation, weapons storage, and pylon applications. For harsh undersea applications, ITT can supply connectors for sonar sets, wet-mateable connectors and umbilical cable assemblies for hull-mounted sonar arrays, lanyard-release connectors and umbilical cable assemblies for torpedo tube-launch missile systems, header assemblies for sonar system canisters, hull and missile tube penetrations, and complete sets for surface-ship launch systems.


Contact the company for availability information.


Check with the company for pricing.


Visit www.ittcanon.com/spaceandspecials

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