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Custom Shielding Aids EMI/RFI Problems

A variety of shielding techniques for enclosures can dramatically reduce electromagnetic and RF interference and electronic signal leakage. During fabrication, the firm's exacting welding and assembly techniques allow for the continuity of metal contact to prevent EMI/RFI failures. There also are two types of perforated VME shields for EMI/RFI reduction. The perforated shield-flat slides smoothly into grooves in a subrack's guide rails to eliminate the need for assembly hardware. The perforated shield-grounding also slides into the guide rail grooves, but assembles to the side plates with screws to ensure positive grounding. Enclosures can be cost-effectively customized through assembly of a variety of shielding fingers, clips and gaskets to ensure and maintain constant metal-to-metal contact. Painted surfaces can be masked to ensure proper metal contact.

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