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Dancer Roll Potentiometer Simplifies Design, Installation

The Series 2699 geared dancer roll potentiometer from Nireco America Corp. is a heavy-duty, high-precision, geared potentiometer that is designed to produce dancer roll position feedback signals. The control device offers more than 700 gear ratios from 0.06 to 25 turns. This large number of ratios eliminates the need for external gearing or timing drives.

With a dual-bearing design and a ½-in. input shaft that handles up to 80 lbs. of radial load, the 2966 dancer roll potentiometer offers a rugged design that is simple to install and boasts a long life. Since it does not contain internal stops, the unit cannot be damaged by excessive dancer roll travel. It is rated to 1 W and provides better than 1% linearity with essentially infinite resolution. Complete PID and tension-control circuits are also available.


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Visit www.nirecoam.com.

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