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DC Accelerometers Perform State/Shock Measurements

Rugged in design, the Models 3801A and 4801A are ready for steady state and transient measurement applications in harsh environments. Compact and hermetically sealed, the components integrate gas-damped MEMS sensing elements with a wide frequency response. Available in ranges from ±2g to ±2000g, the accelerometers are suitable for both low-level and high-end transient shock measurements. Internal over-range stops provide shock protection to over 10,000g, reportedly without affecting calibration. The Model 3801A provides a mV-output signal for shock pulse measurements while the Model 4801A delivers a signal-conditioned, amplified output for low level measurements. A custom ASIC in Model 4801A provides temperature compensation over a range from -55°C to 125°C. Both accelerometers install with a 10-32 stud mounting and a five-pin, side-mount connector. For more information, call MEASUREMENT SPECIALTIES INC., Hampton VA. (800) 745-8008.


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