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DC Fans Deliver Optimal Airflow

DC Fans Deliver Optimal Airflow

Promoting reliable and even airflow in telecomm, networking, and other large equipment enclosures, the VA series dc fans boast significantly higher CFMs in a smaller frame package size than comparable cooling components. For example, a 60-mm VA Series fan outputs an airflow equivalent of an 80-mm fan and a 120-mm fan produces almost 300 CFM in a 4.5” package. The series includes the OD1238, OD9238, OD8038, and OD6038 ranging in size from 60 mm x 38 mm to 120 mm x 38 mm with airflow specs ranging from 61 to 283 CFM. Single-unit pricing for the VA Series starts at $28 for a 120-mm model and $16 for the 60-, 80-, and 92-mm models. ORION FANS, Dallas, TX. (800) 323-2439.


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