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DC Sine/Cos.-To-Synchro Converters Drive Torque Receivers At Low Cost

A series of low-cost dc sine/cosine synchro or resolver converters can drive up to three torque receivers with accuracy within ±15 minutes of arc. Packaged on a 4.5- by 9.25-in. pc card, these converters accept up to 100-V dc input and convert it to 11.8 or 90 V at 400 Hz, or 90 V at 60 Hz synchro or resolver outputs. Maximum output power is 7 VA. They feature transformer isolated outputs, short-circuit protection, and current limiting and operate from ±15-V dc supplies drawing 115 mA. The DCS402 requires a 26-V or a 115-V 400-Hz reference input. Operating temperature ranges from 0°C to 70°C and −55°C to 85°C. Pricing for production quantities is $395 each. Delivery is within four weeks.

Computer Coversions Corp.;
(631) 261-3300

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