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Detect Switches Protect Network Data

Ensuring no data losses in network devices, the MDS, SDS, SDT, and HDT series detect switches operate on the server blade as a safety mechanism to guarantee the blade is powered down. Primarily targeting ATCA applications, the switches are also viable for use in advanced mezzanine cards. The MDS series micro snap-acting detect switch is available in vertical and right-angle PCB-mount versions with a 2.9-mm travel while the SDS series side-actuated switch exhibits a 2-mm profile and a 2-mm over travel. With a 3.3-mm profile, the SDT series micro-mini pendulum detect switch offers top or side actuation and the HDT series micro-mini switch with top or side actuation sports a 3.35-mm profile. Typical pricing for the MDS, SDS, SDT, and HDT series ranges from $0.35 to $0.57 each/10,000. C&K COMPONENTS, Newton, MA. (800) 635-5936.


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