Electronic Design

Differential-Pair Signaling Defines Serial ATA Connectors

A combined signal and power interface with built-in hot-plug capability suits a new line of serial ATA connectors to blind-mate applications. The parts connect disk drives to backplanes in servers and networked storage equipment. The devices support the 1.8-, 2.5-, and 3.5-in. form factors with both cabled and direct docking subsystems. The ATA interconnects, which have been tested up to 3.0 Gbits/s, employ differential-pair signaling technology. Pricing depends on style and quantity ordered. For example, when purchased in quantities of 25,000, the standard-height press-fit receptacle costs about $1.50 each. Typical lead time is up to eight weeks.

Molex Inc.
www.molex.com; (630) 969-4550

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