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Differential Pressure Sensor Is Fast, Accurate

Based on the highly accurate, low-cost SDP1000, the SDP1108 differential pressure sensor from Sensiron AG has been optimized for dynamic behavior and response time. The sensor provides a low-noise 12-bit equivalent analog signal output even in the pressure range below 1 Pa and a response time of less than 8 ms. Its target applications are in the medical instrumentation industry. Like the SDP1000, the SDP1108 uses the company’s CMOSense technology to ensure superior long-term stability, reliability, and easy handling.

Internal filtering, integration, and conditioning of the sensor signal make the SDP1108 well-suited for bidirectional air-flow measurement in ventilation applications, where fast measurement and control are required. Typically, the sensor’s output signal requires no additional filtering or linearization. It can be used directly in analog control circuits or processed directly in digital form after analog-to-digital conversion.


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