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Differential Pressure Transmitters Set Size Record

Differential Pressure Transmitters Set Size Record

Introduced as the world’s smallest media-separated differential pressure transmitters, the MiniCell series components are available for unsymmetrical measurement ranges from 0 to 500 hPa and 0 to 2,500 hPa. Versions are also on tap for symmetrical measurements from -500 to +500 hPa and -2,500 to +2,500 hPa. Measuring 19.6 mm x 16.2 mm x 11 mm3, the sensors employ two stainless-steel membranes to separate the media, have a small oil volume, and use a single chip approach for true differential pressure measurement. Additionally, they operate across a temperature range from -40°C to +140°C. Samples will be available in mid-August at a price of $60 each. EPCOS INC., Iselin, NJ. (800) 888-7728.


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