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Digital Dual-Axis Gyroscope Makes Still Pictures Stiller

In the IDG-2000 dual-axis MEMS gyroscope, designers of digital still cameras and high-resolution camera phones will find a smaller and thinner gyroscope suited for improving optical image stabilization (OIS). The IDG-2000 is fabricated on larger 8-in. wafers to meet increased volume capacity and to further reduce the overall cost. Housed in a 4 x 4 x 0.9-mm QFN plastic package, the IDG-2000 is claimed as the first digital dual-axis pitch and roll (X- and Y- axis) gyro with integrated 16-bit analog-to-digital converters that allow for direct communication to advanced image processors over an I2C or SPI serial bus, eliminating costly discrete components. Other key features include automatic gain amplification control, anti-aliasing filters optimized for OIS applications, and cross axis sensitivity of less than ±1%. The IDG-2000 measures hand jitter across a wide frequency range of 0.1 Hz to 20 Hz with exceptionally low noise at 0.033°/s-rms. Furthermore, the operating frequency in the 30 KHz range is immune to ambient noise. Power consumption is reduced by 50% compared to analog gyros with a low 4-mA maximum current at 2.1 V in active mode and 5 µA maximum current in sleep mode. Sampling begins in October 2009. INVENSENSE INC., Sunnyvale, CA. (408) 988-7339.


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