Digital Pressure Sensor Boosts Low Air-Flow Measurement Accuracy

Digital Pressure Sensor Boosts Low Air-Flow Measurement Accuracy

Omron added a digital flow sensor to its line as an alternative to differential pressure sensors for optimizing energy efficiency in air-conditioning and ventilation systems. Based on the company’s MEMS thermal flow sensor chip, the D6F-PH is capable of measuring with better sensitivity and reproducibility, and with a wider pressure range, than common capacitance- and piezoelectric-type differential pressure sensors, according to Omron. Embedded ASICs carry out digital correction (linearity and temperature correction), which adds precision and lessens the influence of temperature when compared with conventional analogue output sensors Features include a new digital correction algorithm that achieves 3% reading data error. Increased flow impedance reduces the influence of the bypass pipe length and diameter, and gives more stable measurements. Three different versions offer measurement ranges from 0Pa to 250 Pa, ±50 Pa, and ±500 Pa. Current consumption is 6 mA with no load at a VCC of 3.3 V dc. A digital I2C interface comes with 12-bit preset resolution.


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