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Digital Timing Chips Break New Ground

Hell bent on dynamically reducing power, optimizing performance and lowering system cost of desktop and notebook PCs, a new family of digital timing products employ a proprietary technology designed to replace traditional analog phase-locked loop (PLL) based chips and crystals. Designated the TotalClock solution, the product is essentially the marriage of a highly integrated timing processor unit (TPU) with associated timing control software. The CMOS TPU ICs are the TLC2810 for desktops and the TLC2811 for notebooks. They integrate multiple high-resolution digital waveform synthesizers on a single chip. Currently sampling, the TLC2801 sells for less than $2.50 each/10,000, while the TLC2811 sells for less than $3.50. TIMELAB CORP., Andover, MA. (978) 794-6600.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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