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Digital Video Coaxial Cable Combats Crushing And Bending

The NEC-rated1505F cable is the newest member of the Brilliance line of precision digital video coaxial cables. A new version of the 1505A RG-59 digital video coax cable, this cable is designed to combat installation-related stresses such as pulling, flexing, bending and crushing. The cable performs in analog and SDI/HDTV applications, and suits patch bays, mobile studio trucks, outdoor applications, studio settings, and other fixed installations. Flexibility starts with a 22 AWG bare-copper compacted, stranded center conductor, a double tinned copper braid shield, and an abrasion-resistant matte PVC jacket. Impedance stability and return loss characteristics are achieved via a gas-injected foam polyethylene insulation. Available on 1,000' reels, the cables are sweep-tested to 3 GHz and compatible with 1505A BNC connectors. BELDEN ELECTRONICS DIVISION, Richmond, IN. (800) 235-3364.


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